Imagine a reliable, efficient and whisper-quiet heating system that costs less than half of a traditional furnace to operate. Geothermal heating and cooling systems provide conditioned air using the temperature of the earth as heat energy.

Below ground surface, the earth stays between 50 and 60 degrees throughout the year. In the summer, the earth is cooler than the hot ambient air temperature in Belmont, North Carolina. In the winter, it’s warmer than the ambient air temperatures. The earth serves as a heat exchanger to absorb heat from within a building during the summer and deliver heat during the winter.

Overview of Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

Service technicians install geothermal heat pumps by laying coiled tubing in the ground or a nearby water source. Most geothermal heat pumps are closed-loop systems that pump a refrigerant through coils.

Open-loop systems use a well or other water source as the liquid that circulates through the system. In an open-loop system, the water returns to the source. Geothermal heat pump components include piping, an evaporator, an expansion valve, a compressor and a condenser.

You can lay subsurface tubing horizontally or vertically, depending on the space. And you place the tubing under at least eight feet of water. Just like an air-source heat pump, you can change the direction of the refrigerant’s flow to either draw heat into the building or remove it.

Efficiency of Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps are twice as efficient as air-source heat pumps. They can reduce heating bills by up to 70 percent, depending on the price of fuel in your area. Trane estimates that its EnviroWise™ units produce four dollars of heat for every dollar of energy they use.

The inside components of a geothermal system usually last about 25 years. The external components last up to 50 years. The payback time is typically between five and 10 years.

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