Today’s HVAC controls range from old school dial-type units to smart devices that learn from your behavior and customize your indoor environment according to your personal preferences.

Non-programmable Controls With LED Display

These bare bones, dial-type devices will keep you as warm or as cool as other devices. They just lack the bells and whistles of high-tech models. Typically, they have an LED display and buttons to adjust temperatures, switch from cooling to heating mode, and turn your HVAC on or off.

Programmable Digital Thermostats

Programmable devices range from basic to complex. The simplest models allow you to program a couple of different temperature changes per day; fancier ones let you predetermine up to four different temperatures at different times of the day on different days of the week. Programmable devices save you money by automatically turning back the heat or AC when you leave and turning it back up by the time you arrive home. If you constantly forget to adjust the heat or AC when no one is home, these devices can save you money by doing it for you.

Wireless Smart Controls

Smart thermostats let you manage your HVAC remotely with a smart phone or a tablet. State-of-the-art models can detect when you leave and arrive home and adjust temperatures accordingly. They can also alert you to change HVAC filters, call for maintenance or schedule a repair call. Some models even generate monthly energy reports and advise you about current weather conditions.

For the ultimate in benefits and performance, the Trane ComfortLink Wi-Fi thermostat is a ground-breaking control that will even clean your indoor air and run your HVAC in an energy-efficient mode. To learn more about this intelligent device, visit Steve Davis Heating and Air Conditioning or call (704) 208-4163.